Book Review: Taken by the T-Rex – When Prehistoric Worlds Collide

My mind clearly isn't filthy enough... I read this "book" months ago and only just got the not so subtle double entendre. Maybe that makes me slow but if that is the case, I blame this god awful book. At 19 pages it's really more of a pamphlet, rather than a book or novella. I... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Saints Row IV – Shall I Compare Thee to a GTA

Release Date: 2013 Developer(s): Volition and High Voltage Software Publisher: Deep Silver Platform(s): Windows, Xbox 360 and PS 3 Prior to this game, I had not played any of the other titles in the Saints Row franchise. And what a crying shame that was! I knew quite a bit about the other SRs but had... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Louisiana Longshot – A Miss Fortune Mystery

Let me start by saying that I have never been to the South but it's definitely on my list of destinations. I have met quite a few individuals from Georgia, Mississippi and New Orleans, and this has re-enforced my need visit the South. There is something endearing about the drawl of the accent and the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey – A Dull Trilogy

This was the book which inspired the creation of this blog. I had absolutely no intention of reading this godforsaken trilogy until a friend posted an excerpt on Facebook. I remember reading the excerpt and thinking that it was a joke, and that there was no way that this was from a real novel. Obviously,... Continue Reading →

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