Movie Review: Grave Encounters 2 – The Decline of Greatness

Genre: Horror Director: John Poliquin Running Time: 95 Minutes I watched the first Grave Encounters movie not knowing anything about it and never having heard of it. I loved the fresh take on an old genre and the take no prisoners attitude that this little movie had. Needless to say, I was excited when I... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Grave Encounters – Zak Bagans by any other name would still be a douché

Genre: Horror Director: The Vicious Brothers Running Time: 92 Minutes "Manipulate my hair!" - Lance Preston, Grave Encounters My brother introduced me to this awful ghost hunting show, on the Travel Channel, called Ghost Adventures. I've never been a fan of reality TV or ghost hunting shows but this one was just too good to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner – What has been read cannot be unread

Why Chuck, why? Did someone touch you on the bad place when you were a child? Did someone try to make you "pray the gay away"? Did your dad have a dinosaur dildo and use it on himself when he didn't know you were watching? I feel like these are the only scenarios that would... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Jessabelle – They Want Her Goodies

Genre: Horror Director: Kevin Greutert Running Time: 90 Minutes “Unbeingdead isn't beingalive.” ― e.e. cummings The Plot After a life altering accident, in which she loses her: boyfriend, unborn child and the ability to walk, Jessabelle returns to her hometown of Feliciana Parish, Louisiana to recuperate. This backwater town has not changed since her childhood.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Ouija – A “How not to” Guide

Genre: Horror Director: Stiles White Running Time: 89 Minutes "People have told me 'Betty, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with old friends...'. At my age, if I wanted to keep in touch with old friends, I'd need a Ouija board" - Betty White The Plot Same old, same old. A teen... Continue Reading →

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