The Evolution of the Slasher Film

In the Beginning There was Hitchcock In my 120 Years of Horror post, a clear path was mapped from the advent of film making to the current milieu dominating the horror genre; the slasher was a late bloomer within this genre. By the 1950s film making was fast moving away from the familiar tropes and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Curious – How Curious is Bi-curious?

Other than the shit dino porn I've reviewed for this blog, I've not really had a chance to read a gay romance novel and give it serious consideration. This was one of my Kindle recommended reads from Amazon. I read the blurb and thought that this was going to be all kinds of awful. Two... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Probed: The Encounter(s of the Hard Kind)

I didn't have the highest of hopes for this 32 page pamphlet, especially after the wondrous smut I've read for this blog. I couldn't help myself, this one was free on Amazon. I thought that an alien based literary porno would round up my unholy trinity of nasty with the dino porn and the meth... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Babadook – in collaboration with the blogger formerly known as James

Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller Director: Jennifer Kent Running Time: 93 Minutes I didn't care enough about this movie to watch it. Then the reviews started rolling in, and though I didn't read many reviews, it was clear that this was a well-liked horror film. I sat up and paid partial attention. It garnered decent IMDb and Rotten... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Seduced by the Paranormal Tentacle – Soft Science but Hard Everything Else

I had to take a number of deep, fortifying breaths before I cracked the virtual spine of this rip-roaring paranormal roller coaster. Alas, I was cheated. This was not the paranormal, spine-tingling, thrilling, taboo filled joyride I thought it would be. This booked robbed me. I thought I would be disgusted and amused by the... Continue Reading →

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