The Slashening (2015) Review

Rare Horror


“Girl, don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen.”

I love micro-budget horror movies, rough-edges and all; hell, like rock-n-roll, the rough-edged, take-it-or-leave-it attitude is the point.  Alongside pleasures such as refreshing irreverence, a reveling in bad taste, and wild creative abandon, it’s just really cool to see people who love film get out there and make one, budgetary restrictions be damned.  Creative people taking their first, brave, sometimes stumbling steps can be genuinely thrilling, and The Slashening is no different.


Made for a paltry six grand, The Slashening is an often hilarious, well acted love letter to one of horror’s keystone genres, the slasher.  While there have been many cheaply made odes to slashers,  writer/director Brandon Bassham and crew, against budgetary odds, have made a true independent film that punches well above its weight.


The setup is hardly worth mentioning, and could have been drummed up with a quick round of…

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