Book Review: Probed: The Encounter(s of the Hard Kind)

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I didn’t have the highest of hopes for this 32 page pamphlet, especially after the wondrous smut I’ve read for this blog. I couldn’t help myself, this one was free on Amazon. I thought that an alien based literary porno would round up my unholy trinity of nasty with the dino porn and the meth whore. As an added bonus, this one threw in some “tentacle” so the hentai is accounted for as well!

The Plot

Amy is a twenty something single who’s ready to mingle but no fish are biting. After being abandoned by her BFF at a bar, she meets a mysterious stranger, enigmatically name Z. She notices that something about Z is just a a little off but she cannot seem to put her finger on it. They get down to business quickly and end up at Amy’s place.

Right in the middle of sexy fun times, strange things start to happen… Like a second penis penetrating her rear and a tongue on her clit when she’s kissing his mouth.

The Style

Despite its pamphlet length, there is nothing terrible enough to mention here. The author clearly knows what she’s doing and unlike my prior endeavours, she keeps a firm handle on her grammar. This pamphlet saw several instances of internal dialogue mixed with spoken conversation. I must give credit where credit is due, because this was very well done. I wasn’t lost at any point when it came to following both the internal and external discussions the characters had. The language used during the actual sexual encounters was surprisingly tame, especially when compared to the other drivel I’ve reviewed. Here are some snippets:

“In the dark, she felt something touch her lips. It was soft, yet hard at the same time. As it pushed into her mouth, she realized it was another cock. Jesus, how many appendages did this man have?”

“The two mouths on her tits, sucking and massaging… the massive cock in her pussy, hot and throbbing, and the other one probing her ass… Just when Amy thought she might pass out from the blizzard of stimuli, she felt a tongue on her clit, licking and circling.”

As you can see, it’s rather sedate.

The Review

This pamphlet is truly the middle road. It’s not terrible enough for a laugh and it isn’t good enough to rave about or recommend to others. It didn’t try to justify its existence through soft science. It is billed as hentai but I’m not entirely sure that that is what I would call it. It’s more of a gangbang but with one dude who can sprout as many appendages and mouths one woman may want on her. Probed is the definition of average.

Still a better BDSM story than 50 Shades.

My Rating: 2.5/5

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