Book Review: Saving Grace – Amazing Grace

Saving Grace

This was another one of my free Kindle finds. I had no real expectations going in as I’d never read anything by Norah Wilson. I thought it would be your standard “damsel-in-distress” book with a bit of sex, brought on by a stressful situation, on the side. I was pleasantly surprised when this was not the case and I was drawn further into the story and the characters.

The Plot

Detective Ray Morgan’s wife has left him. She packed a bag and left. No real explanation, just that there is another man who makes her happier. While he’s drinking his feelings, Grace is in an accident which puts her in the hospital with an inconvenient case of amnesia. Ray takes her home so that she can recuperate but with no recollection of leaving him, Grace is starting to wonder why her husband is acting so strangely. He is distant, cold and disinterested.

Suddenly, they are on the run and neither knows who is chasing them. Ray has to protect her, not because he still loves her but because he swore to protect and serve. He also needs to protect her unborn child.

The Writing Style

This book was fast paced and easy to follow. I liked the general plot and the characters were easy to relate to. Even though you want to hate Grace, as the cheating spouse, you can’t help but feel sorry for her. She doesn’t understand how she could have done the things she’s accused of and hates herself more than the reader possibly could. Ray has a battle royale going on inside his mind. On the one hand he loves her and would die for her but on the other he cannot reconcile the hurt and the betrayal with the woman he is protecting. All this is beautifully laid out for the reader. Wilson does not write the story in such a way that there is a clear right or wrong side. You have to make up your own mind.

The plot becomes fairly obvious early on but the way in which Wilson gets you to the destination makes this a fun, thrilling read. The character development is believable and human.

“Grace turned back to the bed, looking at the suitcases through a film of tears. She lifted her gaze to the mirror above the dresser. ‘Don’t you dare cry,’ she told her reflection. ‘You brought this down on your own head. Deal with it.'”

“She wanted to grasp his hand, to turn her cheek into his open palm. To prevent herself from succumbing to that weakness, she pulled back. She’d put him through enough.”

The Review

There’s danger, intrigue, a little sexy time and a whole lot of heart. I appreciated that the story was not about two strangers thrown together by circumstance. This a couple who thought they were happy but through the development of the plot and the twists, come to realise just how wrong they both were. It’s an unconventional love story in that it actually has a story, not just a flimsy plot to showcase sex.

Initially, I thought that the language was a bit too sedate and that surely a cop would use some profanity but as the story progressed I read this as another way in which these two had been repressed. Not just by each other but by the restrictions they put on themselves. They are perfectly imperfect characters and that’s, ultimately, why they are easy to relate to as a reader. I don’t want two perfect beings finding each other to make a perfect life. I want characters that are like me. Characters who make mistakes and have to atone for those sins. Just like the rest of us.

If you want an unconventional love story with a lot of heart, a bit of mystery and some action, I would definitely recommend Saving Grace.

My rating: 4½/5

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