Book Review: Voyage to the Milky Way

It’s good to be bad…

A World of Weird

Voyage to the Milky WayAuthor: Jezebel Divelle
Genre: Erotica / Sci-Fi
Published: 2015

Those of you who watch Supernatural will be familiar with the idea of humans making deals with demons, where the demon will grant the human their wish in exchange for their immortal soul. How I came to read this truck-stop post-masturbation tissue is not entirely dissimilar. My wish was for Tropical Mary to read Crystal Cabbage: Meth Whore; she agreed, but on condition that I would have to read something of her choice in return. Like the humans in Supernatural I simply hoped that I would get what I wanted without the demon coming back to collect its due, but sadly this was not to be.

The following review is not suitable for persons who are lactose intolerant.

The Plot

The year is 2032, and mankind has finally reached a technological point where it can extend its reach beyond our…

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