Book Review: Bounty Enforcers – Much Tattoo. Such Bust. Wow.

Bounty Enforcers

A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The Plot

So, there’s this werewolf and she’s a bounty hunter. Ula is good at what she does. Her contact hires her to track down a fugitive. That fugitive also happens to be Ula’s ex-lover. Due to her personal connection to this case, she is forced to pair with Barret, a misogynistic, egotistical werebear that she can’t stand. They end up road-tripping together to find this guy. They’re hot on the trail when they’re ambushed and things start to fall apart.

Writing Style

There nothing to rip apart or rave about here. It’s very much a run of the mill wannabe romance short story. First person narratives are tricky at the best of times, and some of the world’s best authors struggle to make first person perspectives read smoothly. No shitty author should even try, but try they do. It’s my most consistent gripe with these sorts of stories. That and internalised italicised monologues (e.g. Oh My!). Just stop doing it!

Sentence structure is something that has pretty much been abandoned in shitty romance and erotica writing:

“I turned away to see from where the shot came.”

The Review

This was such a juvenile read. Between the characters saying things like “Toots” and “Oh, Brother”, I didn’t know which era I was in. The sex was perfunctory and dull. This is billed as a romance, not erotica, so I can let that go. But even the romance was lack lustre. Ula goes from “I hate him, he’s my archenemy” to “I hate Coral (yes, that is a woman’s name in this pamphlet) because I saw you first but she jumped on your ever-erect dick before I could stake my claim” really fast. It devolves into a typical school-girl crush/revenge story.

Not to mention that the were-lore was strange and forced. She’s a werewolf and cannot smell something 100 metre in front of her? Really? That makes her a pretty shitty werewolf and a useless bounty hunter, if being a werewolf is meant to make her good at her job.

To be fair, what could I possibly have expected when I bought a book with that cover…

My Rating: 1/5

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    1. They look painful! It looks like the skin over her sternum is straining. I can’t imagine that’s comfortable…

      Thanks for reading, JulieAnn 🙂

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