TBT Movie Review: The Fifth Element – A Race Against Time

The Fifth Element 1

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Director: Luc Besson

Running Time: 126 Minutes

I know a #TBT shouldn’t be released on a Friday but fuck it!

The Plot

Basically, the biggest, baddest, evilest fucker in the universe is here to destroy Earth. Humanity has spread across the cosmos, at this point, and is governed by an intergalactic president and his advisors.

With the conscripted help of Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis), Leeloo, a.k.a. The Supreme being (Milla Jovovich), a gender-fluid radio DJ, a skittish priest and his spineless assistant, they will find the mythical stones said to be the ultimate weapon against darkness, and save the planet; while trying to outrun and out maneuver a man who wants the stones for more nefarious purposes.

Performances & Special Effects

Considering that this movie was made in 1997 and I still watch it frequently, the special effects are amazing. Unlike a number of films set in our distant future, this setting is dirty, gritty and more believable. Yet, it also has elements of a fantastical nature. The costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and most of the cast and extras generally look like Hunger Games rejects. This is not a bad thing! It adds a flare of the peculiar and a comedic element, thus lightening a rather dark plot.

The best performances, for me, are those given by Chris Tucker (as Ruby Rod – above) and Gary Oldman (as Emmanuel Jean-Baptist Zorg – below). I’m not a fan of Tucker’s and generally find him irritating but that same irritating quality was exactly what this role needed. Oldman is a master, whom I would like to see receive an Oscar long before Leo. No offense Leo. Oldman is able to adapt to any role seamlessly and makes a wonderfully self-righteous villain in this film.

The Review

I watch this movie with monotonous regularity, and enjoy it every time, without fail. Everything came together exactly as it should have. Willis and Jovovich have fantastic chemistry, even when she is threatening him, there are much needed moments of comic relief, often provided telephonically by Corbin’s mother and again, the costuming is stupendous.

Fuck knows why Leeloo’s hair had to be orange but it certainly made for a memorable character and possibly one of the most cosplayed fictional women ever!

My rating: 5/5

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