Game Review: Bloodborne – You’ve got red on you

Release Date: 2015 Developer(s): FromSoftware Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment Platforms: PS4 (Exclusive) It was either this or The Order: 1886. Both are set in an some approximation of Victorian England. Both had compelling plots and highly cinematic trailers, and both were Playstation exclusives. After much debate and asking around, the resounding advice from friends (online and... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Arkham Knight – Non-lethal has never looked this badass

Release Date: 2015 Developer(s): Rocksteady Studios Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, Mac OS Anyone who knows me that I am one of the biggest Batman fans out there. So it was a no brainer that I would buy this game. What was not guaranteed was just how much I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: House of the Dead – Uwe is a Fool

Genre: Horror/Action Director: Uwe Boll Running Time: 90 Minutes I played House of the Dead at the arcade when I was a kid. It was mindless, harmless fun. It was always one of the most popular arcade games. Then you hear about a movie adaptation of this beloved throwback and you hope that justice will... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Pretend You’re Mine – A love story which includes the kitchen sink

I've been reading so many romances, and I've tried all the possible sub-genres out there. This book has pretty much everything that a standard romance should have, and more! The hot, brooding, never-gonna-love again military millionaire, the down on her luck but totally down-to-earth bombshell, the meddling but well meaning family, fake girlfriend, dead wife,... Continue Reading →

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