Book Review: Executive Slave – Boardroom Banging

Executive Slave

Make one mildly questionable purchase from Amazon and suddenly you must be into kinky, taboo, office foursomes, right? Never one to shy away from a dare, even if there wasn’t an actual dare but rather an e-mail from Amazon with a few “you might like” suggestions that looked suspiciously like a dare, I gave this one a once over.

The Plot

Lucy is bad girl with expensive tastes. We meet her at an office party for the financial firm that she works for. It is quickly explained that this is not her dream job but that acting career never did materialised. She’s remedied this collapsing dream by partnering with a co-worker, Jase, to embezzle hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars from the firm.

Feeling quite celebratory considering the time of year, the function and their own genius, Jase and Lucy decide to do the nasty in the new boss’s office. Someone sees them and come Monday morning, Jase has been called into boardroom 4 with the big boys. Lucy is worried that they’ve been found out but keeps it together.

Turns out, their get rich quick scheme has been discovered. Jase has been fired and will probably face a lengthy prison sentence. Lucy is looking at some very real jail time, unless another arrangement can be made…

Writing Style

This really wasn’t terribly written. Perhaps my expectations are skewed because of the other detritus I read on a regular basis but I was pleasantly surprised by this leaflet. There were a few grammatical errors, like the ever-forgotten apostrophe, and the usual Americansims which are bad habits reinforced by other authors. Otherwise, nothing that detract from the narrative.

“He plunged his cock deep into her slippery crevice and held onto her hips, bending her down further so that her mouth lined up with Tobias’s tip.”

It’s not a masterpiece but it’s far superior to the other crap that I’ve reviewed.

The Review

The thing I like the most about this story is that Lucy is the type of woman that we all either love to hate or want to be. She is entirely shallow, focused on only material things and uses her intelligence and beauty to get her way. There is no pretense from the author. As a character, she is vapid and insipid, which means the reader wants to see her punished.

And before the feminazis start unbuttoning their flannel shirts and flinging bras while loudly proclaiming that sex and degradation of the female body should not be used as punishment, just remember that this is fiction. It’s a fantasy that I am sure many many women have. A fantasy that they would never voice because the current gender climate would see them flayed alive. Just because you don’t like dick, or three dicks at the same time, doesn’t mean you have to spoil the fun for the rest of us.

This was a pretty fun read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a short but packed foursome story, if that’s your thing. I’ve never really been a multiples kinda girl myself but I had a moment, while reading this, where I thought about it briefly. I did think that the story fizzled a little at the end but that might be used for a sequel of some kind. Who knows…?

My Rating: 3.5/5

Buy Executive Slave (Forbidden Office Romance) at Amazon.

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