Book Review: Filled at Camp: The Gay Outdoors – Requited Love

Filled at Camp

Because why not? Literary Homicide with TropicalMary is an equal opportunity site, free of gender and sexuality bias. This is a place where all manner of writings and musings are mocked with the same fervor and rigour. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into this one! No pun intended.

The Plot

Erik and Max are best friends who have recently graduated from university. As lovers of the outdoors and photography enthusiasts, they enjoy the occasional hike and camp together. Though, this one may be their last for a while, considering that they may be moving in different directions for their budding careers.

This does not sit particularly well with Max, who proceeds to analyse these feelings. He soon realises that he is in love with Erik but can he tell his best friend what his true feelings are? How will Erik react or respond? I’m fairly sure you can figure that out based solely on the title of this pamphlet. Don’t play dumb with me or yourself.

Writing Style

There isn’t anything particularly good or bad to report here. Just the usual bad grammar that one expects from these quickie pamphlets. Once again, it seems like the author hasn’t really figured out the mechanics and preparations needed for pleasurable anal sex. Do people just not believe in lube? I mention this because it can be an issue for immersion. When you know that something is being portrayed incorrectly to the actual act, it tends to distract you from the story (even if only briefly).

“When they separated, Max bent down, leaning his face into the ground – he had never had anything inside him before, but the desire he felt to feel Erik’s cock inside his ass, dominating him and filling him up, was intense beyond belief.”

Erik swirled his tongue around his head, tasting his pre-cum and then moving his mouth down the shaft, taking him deep into his throat.”

Here are examples of two skills that need to be learned and developed over time. One does not simply “plough a virgin ass” with reckless abandon. There are step, measures and consideration that need to be followed in order for this act to be pleasurable for both parties. The same goes for deep-throating. You don’t reach sexual maturity and instinctively know how to take a dick that far down your guzzler. You usually have to work your way to that level of skill. Some of us were bless with a shy gag reflex, others were not so fortunate. Even so, I find it difficult to believe that the straight guy, with no fellatial (probably not a real word) experience, would be able to get this one right straight off the bat, so to speak.

The Review

I’m not entirely sure who this story is aimed at. It could be for women with MM fantasies, gay men who have a crush on a straight male friend or men who have not yet completely figured out their sexuality. Either way, the story is ok. Just ok. It’s not bad and the writing is fine but it’s all a little to Utopian for me. You know from the onset that the characters will end up in bed together. The straight friend will “cave” and give it a go. There’s no fight, no questioning, no self-doubt.

The book proclaims to be a romance story. I don’t think that this is really a romance. It’s more of a vignette. There’s no before or after, just this moment. For a real romance story you need the whole story. So, if you’re looking for a proper romance novel, A. G. Alexander’s Curious is the way to go. However, if you are looking for a sex scene to get yourself off to, this would be the one you want for $3.41. Or you could get a proper love story with scorching sex and more realistic characters for $2.99. Just sayin’.

My Rating: 2/5

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