Book Review: RoboHound Forced Me Gay – This is how the machines win!


What the serious fuck? I swear this author is competing with Chuck Tingle for the “Most Ridiculous Book Title” award. There should be an entirely separate award for the plots of these stories. And once I figure out if the author is Hunter or Whitney Fox, I’ll happily present this jackass with the awards myself.

The Plot

Adam is an assistant technician, from what I can gather, to the designer and creator of the android helper known as RoboHound. Adam and Jerome are on the verge of releasing the newest model of the android to the public. They decide to celebrate their success by knocking back a few bottles of champagne. Adam tries to get Jerome to share the secret new features of this model but Jerome is silenced by the clauses in his contracts. Instead he decides to show Adam just what RoboHound can do. Only, the demo doesn’t work.

Jerome leaves for the evening, abandoning a turned on, lonely Adam. But did the demo really not work? Or was it all just an elaborate ploy to get Adam drunk and amenable to the machine’s advances.

Writing Style

This is a rather well-written pamphlet, for its genre. The characters were fully realised, even though the story is short. It pains me to say this but it really wasn’t bad. Until I got to the actual sex. This leaflet was able to fully illustrate to me what people mean when they say “it just happened” and “I slipped”. Jesus Christ, what a load of utter shit.

“This was insane! His snout grew closer and closer to me and he began smelling me up and down. He leapt towards me though I was heading for the door and mounted me from behind His paws grabbed my waist and I felt him quickly thrust his hard metal cock into my ass.”

” I could feel him all the way into my stomach as he pounded deeper and deeper into me. I couldn’t believe that I was on all fours, being fucked from behind by a RoboHound.”

I’ll give him points for creativity in having the RoboHound dispense it’s own lube and the robocock having a vibrate function but this all so asshat, fucking stupid.


  1. You cannot be forced gay is if you already admitted to being gay. You can be forced to do other things but being gay is not one of them.
  2. With a year of celibacy under his belt, I doubt Adam is able to be jumped, mounted and fucked sans prep. No amount of lubing is going to make that the “most incredible, best sex” of his life.
  3. In what world would a dubcon robot dog be a household android? With kids and fragile old people around. Come now? Really? Not that old people don’t like getting down. I think a RoboHound suddenly jumping them might not end up so well.
  4. How lazy can one author be? Releasing the same story, with only pronouns changed? And changing the title to make it less rapey. Slick.


RoboHound Took Me

My Rating: 2/5

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