Book Review: Blade’s Distraction – M/M Shifter Magic Military Younger Man Older Daddy Romance with Juice boxes

Blades Distraction

Who needs enemies when you have friends like these. So, the Occult Specialist just happened to find this series of novellas and asked me to read one of them for the purpose of reviewing it. I may never forgive him…

The Plot

Blade Castillo, is a black panther shifter and a soldier in the Alliance Army. He feels nothing, just like his parents taught him to. The closest people to him are those in his team. In walks Forest, a coyote shifter with intel that can get them closer to their next target.

Blade is baffled by his need to be closer to Forest and his overwhelming need to protect and stake his claim. As the second, he has usually looks out for his team. What he feels for Forest is different, it was nearly an obsession. When Forest is knocking on death’s door, Blade  must finally admit that Forest is a lot more important to him than being just another team mate.

Writing Style

Whoever is responsible for letting Shea Balik believe that she could write, owes her an apology. This woman has no business writing fantasy, romance, gay anything or special forces scenarios. The narrative was laboured and seemed to be dragged out to make more story. I was bored through the entire thing.

I’ll give her credit for trying to create a new shifter universe. She has some decent backstory there and some interesting ideas. The spec ops guys came across as brutes and Forest was a sniveling, whiny bitch-man. I understand the need to really highlight the character’s Alpha maleness but why do they constantly have to be snarling and growling? These books are all the same.

“Wolfe’s lips pressed to  his [Forest] forehead before he strode up the stairs.

Blade had growled once more at the kiss but just as every other time Blade had growled at Wolf, the man just didn’t care.”

Also, is there a shortage of pronouns in the literary world? I’m finding more and more authors who seem unable to use pronouns, so they settle for the characters’ names, which creates needless and annoying repetition. In the case of this pamphlet, the author kept using the phrase “his mate”. I fucking know that it’s his goddamned mate, Jesus!

“‘Good point,’ Blade said as he took his mate’s mouth with his once more. The need to be buried inside Forest was pushing Blade hard. With his arms firmly around his mate, Blade lifted his mate and carried him to the bed. Forest wrapped his legs around Blade’s waist, placing Blade’s cock against the crease of his own ass. It took everything in him not to take his mate right there.”

The Review

This book was crap, and what made it even crappier was that is took itself seriously. This means that, unlike the Chuck Tingle, there is nothing funny about it. This made the story drag and the plot plod. I would definitely not recommend anyone read this book, and thus, this series. There are a number of shifter themed romances out there with wit and humour but who still have the bossy, controlling Alpha. If your aim is more on the army thing, there is a plethora of decent alpha male, army/navy/spec ops stories out there, where the author actually knows the subject matter.

I don’t understand why there has to be a clear twink or fem character? This is clearly what these uninformed female authors think gay relationships look like. No doubt, there probably are some relationships that resemble this but not all. Most of the time, if feels like the author has written a female character and then changed all the pronouns to male. It’s such a cop-out. And this is exactly what Balik has done. Don’t bother reading this, unless you would like a lesson on how not to write a gay romance.

My rating: 2/5

Buy Blade’s Distraction: [Paranormal Wars: Jurez 1] from Amazon

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