Book Review: Winters Heat – To curl your toes & warm your nose

Winter's Heat Cover

This is book one in the 8.5 book long Titan Series from Cristin Harber. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I purchased this novel from Amazon and I was pleasantly surprised.

The Plot

Mia Kensington has landed up in the middle of spy vs. spy caper, complete with NOC lists, tear gas and G.I. Joe wannabes. This military psychologist ends up is an explosive road-trip with her knight in matte black Kevlar, wondering if she has the fastest case of Stockholm Syndrome ever recorded. His alpha dog tactics don’t fly with Mia and she is more than willing to go it alone, if only she could manage 10 minutes without being shot at.

Colby Winters is an ex-Navy SEAL who now uses his skills for The Titan Group. His primary objective is to secure the package and get it back to their client. Now, he has a smart-asses, sassy hellcat to deal with, and he’s not entirely sure that he actually minds it. He has to really bring his A-game to keep Mia safe. It will take the entire Titan team to seal this deal.

Writing Style

This book moves at break-neck speed and is extremely tongue in cheek about its own subject matter. It felt a lot like a highly self-aware episode of Boston Legal. It was funny and action packed enough that I could overlook the soft, armchair psychology and just enjoy the characters. With clean writing and great descriptive power, this was a page turner from beginning to end.

“This nightmare was the makings of a television evening newscast special. The news anchor would look into the camera earnest and pensive, wondering aloud in a dramatic voice about Mia Kensington’s last hours alive. Or maybe a reporter would interview her coworkers and family, everyone guessing about why she was in Kentucky or how she ended quartered into neat pieces that fit inside a handful of grocery bags.”

“As fast as he pulled off the road, he brought her close to his face, and without even a second to hover over her, he crushed his lips into hers. Her tense mouth gasped a breath, then melted. The hot caress of her tongue sent explosions from his chest to the palms of his hands. The pounding of his heart didn’t get any better. It only pushed his racing pulse faster, making it gallop wild, as intoxicating rockets flamed inside him.

Insanity. She was delicious insanity.”

The Review

There was so much plot in this novel without it feeling overburdened. The novel was diverse enough in setting and scenes that there is a little something for any romance enthusiast. It’s got a strong female, non-damsel in distress character, the alpha male, explosions and car chases, covert ops on foreign soil and some really hot sex.

I’ve read all of the books in this series and, honestly, didn’t enjoy all of them as much as I enjoyed this one. My favourites are listed below but there is no doubt that Ms Harber can write the hell out of an action romance story. The characters are fantastic and comical in their fumbling. These are romance novels and as such they do have many “chick flick” moments but that’s why you read them. I would recommend this to any romance lover or to any reader looking for something new to get their teeth into, despite the cheesy as fuck cover art.

My rating: 4/5

Buy Winter’s Heat on Amazon.

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