Book Review: The Boss Won’t Pull Out (Books 1-3) – The Bigger, Blacker Collection

The Boss Won't Pull Out

This is a trilogy in 63 pages. I could review them individually but why bother!

The Plot

Vanessa and Rich are trying for a baby. They are a committed, loving couple with a healthy sex life. That is, until Rich suggests that Vanessa flirts with her boss, Nathan, in order for him to notice her and appreciate the work that she puts in at the company. Well, this backfires spectacularly and Vanessa ends up banging her boss on the boardroom table. Bareback. While ovulating. Meanwhile, Rich is oddly jealous of his wife flirting, even though it was his idea, but he is also turned on by the idea. Little does he know what his devoted wife is doing. He decides to visit her office, late one night, to bring her dinner. She is working late after all… Or is she?

Writing Style

This was surprisingly well-written, considering the subject matter and genre. This very brief trilogy didn’t have the usual bad grammar and lazy writing. I could have done with fewer instances of the phrases “gaping/dripping cunt” but even that wasn’t as bad as some of the things I’ve read for this blog.

“He was too big for her, yet he managed to fit all of himself inside her, then began thrusting, slow at first and then faster and faster…”

“He climbed on top of Vanessa, who gratefully opened herself to him, and then he thrust his maddeningly hard cock insider her stretched-out cunt, feeling Nathan’s juices ooze around him in the warm, wet cavern.”

“She slid down further toward the cold tile floor as he pounded into her, until her chest was resting against it, the chill sending shock waves through her nipples, knees under her and ass still up. … He grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her, holding them in place while he fucked her. She was completely his.”

The Review

Why couldn’t Ms. Aurelie use the same man and woman on all three of the covers? There are literally 6 different people between those 3 covers. Anyway.

As much as this is a run-of-the-mill porn scene, with: unprotected sex, reverse cowgirling, doggy, fellatio, cunnilingus, the bigger blacker cock, the big breasted girl, sloppy seconds and the cuckold husband; it’s actually a well written run-of-the-mill porn scene. The characters are fully developed and written to be a little more real than on-screen pornstars.

The wife loves the sex with her boss but is riddled with guilt, while the husband is turned on by watching the scene in front of him and gets off on it but simultaneously wants to stake his claim on his wife and be angry about her actions. It’s all very interesting. The only issue I had was that the interracial factor felt really forced. The problem is not that the sexual relationship is an interracial one but rather the fact that the boss, Nathan, being black was harped on far too much. However, I guess there are still people out there who see black dicks as taboo. Who knows!

It’s not really that cerebral a read and if you have fantasies about cuckolding your partner or going black and never going back, this is the erotica for you.

My rating: 3/5

Buy The Boss Won’t Pull Out – Complete Series on Amazon.

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