Book Review: My Day – The Simple Life (Biker, Billionaire, Lesbian, Vampire, Tentacle Erotic Comedy Short Story)

My Day

“You’re just like the others. You think I’m lying and have a sick desire to see how far I’ll go”

– Delusional, My Day (P. 1)

The Plot

Exactly as the title says, it is a day in the life of the unnamed protagonist. For the purposes of this review I will refer to her as Delusional. We first meet Delusional at the start of her day, where she then talks the reader through her activities and the several many trysts she has along the way. From a biker to a billionaire, a lesbian and a tentacle monster.

Writing Style

Terrible. This piece of creative writing had such potential but overused phrases, a rushed narrative and plot inconsistencies worked against it. Though an interesting exercise, I was unimpressed and caught myself rolling my eyes more than once.

“His hips ground against my backside and his fingers clenched around my hips as he drove into me again and again.”

“An aching need was growing between my legs as he parted me and ground into me again and again.”

“I asked where she worked. She looked at me sadly, ‘I’m a lesbian. I don’t really have much of a plot beyond that.'”

“His hips began to pump forward with supernatural speed grinding his cock deep into my throat. I let me jaw go slack and took him over and over again.”

Joyce is far too fond of run on sentences and has terrible grammar. Here’s an example of the lack of grammar:

“When I tell her I’m not a liar, everything I say is the truth, scout’s honor. She tells me than I must be hallucinating or losing my grip on reality.” (sic)

The Review

I liked that this 9 page experiment tried to be smart by breaking the fourth wall but the rest of the narrative was not sleek enough to do it justice. Ms. Joyce has potential but for a book about sexual encounters, it was dull and unimaginative. The sex was not interesting or innovative, and I’m not asking for a lot. I don’t expect authors to create new sexual positions but when you use “Erotic Short Story” in your description, give me more than banging a faceless, nameless wet hole over a table.

I entirely understand that this is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek story but it just doesn’t work. Especially when the words (or a derivative thereof) “again and again” were used to describe the fervent “pistoning” (please stop using this, it’s not a real word) of her partners’ hips in every one of her sexual encounters.

My rating: 2/5

Buy My Day (Biker, Billionaire, Lesbian, Vampire, Tentacle Erotic Comedy Short Story) on Amazon.

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    1. That’s not even half of what she did! Delusional better check herself before she wrecks herself.


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