Book Review: Katie Experiences: Slime Seduction – “Take the red pill and see how far the rabbithole goes.”

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“No guys looked at her, she blended in with the rest of them, just one of the guys as usual.”

– Katie a.k.a. Angelique, Slime Seduction

The Plot

Katie is a nondescript, shapeless, flat-chested gamer who hates being overlooked by the men she is surrounded by. She’s a programmer and a shy gal. Taking some initiative, she volunteers and is accepted to beta test a new “fully immersive” VR (virtual reality) game. Thinking she would get to play as her gaming character, Angelique, Katie is concerned and disappointed when she wakes up in the game as her mousey self, and in her underwear no less. She needs to kill or create alliances with the creatures in the game world in order to advance.

Writing Style

I can’t really fault the basics, like grammar and such but the writing was a bit flat. There was no flair. The character came across as juvenile at times, especially during the sex scenes.

“She was seriously messed up in the head because she actually wanted more of the slime monster.”

The erotica wasn’t bad though:

“The mountain of slime wasted no time slipping his blue glowing tentacles inside of her, a muffled cry erupting from her mouth as two of them entered her, and all she could feel herself doing was trying to get them deeper.”

“The tentacles inside her only seemed to get bigger as she sucked and squeezed on the blue appendages. She whimpered, it was getting painful, but she loved it.”

“A tentacle slid up her body and wrapped around her throat, winding around like a blue glowing necklace several times until her head was upright again. …as the tentacle tightened around her neck it seemed like all she could do was focus on the throbbing tentacles inside her.”

What truly irritates me is that there is this need to express feelings of violation in “Hentai” literature. You offered your body, you didn’t tell the monster to stop, you enjoyed what was being done to you and freely accepted all actions.

The Review

This could have been written very differently and been a truly fun, sexy, erotic trip. Most gamers, of a certain age, will tell you that we game for the escapism. Much like other people watch movies, or participate in hobbies that take them away from the hum-drum and stress of everyday life.

Lacroix spent a lot of time creating and describing her game world in the book but her character let the side down. I guarantee that given the chance to play a fully immersive game (full dimensions with all sensations) I would try all sorts of random, stupid, crazy shit with reckless abandon because you can’t do that in real life. And I certainly wouldn’t feel guilty, shy or judgemental. Lacroix fell back on the: “I’m repulsed by this sexual taboo but it’s also really turning me on, what’s wrong with me?!” trope when there was no reason to. The author playing it safe has made me not want to read the rest of the series because I am almost 100% certain that it will be more of the same.

And that’s a shame, considering the time, thought and effort that went into the premise of the book/series. Even the erotica wasn’t bad, especially considering my most recent reviews (Gift of the Futanari Goddess Pt. 1 and My Day). In future, I hope that Ms Lacroix writes it, owns and embraces the taboo wholeheartedly.

My rating: 2½/5

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