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The literary gods clearly smile down upon me. James had requested that I review more futa books and short-stories but I was having a hard time finding ones that sound even vaguely intriguing. This one kinda fell into my lap, as I was asked to review it. Buckle up boys and girls, and boy-girls, and girl-boys.

The Plot

This is a short read so the plot is pretty simple. Evy needs a place to stay as she is tired of dorm/res life and feels that she needs her own space for her senior year at college. Julienne is an intensely private woman who needs a roommate. All seems to be on track, until Evy barges in on Julienne in the shower. Though entirely innocent in motive, the act creates tension and sexy thoughts for Evy. Her new roommate is clearly more than meets the eye.

Writing Style

This story has a nice, clear narrative and the writing is good. There are no grammatical issues to report here, which is great because a lack of grammar can really break immersion.

“After a few moments of silence, she sighed. “I suppose you must have… questions, about what you saw.”
I considered my response before answering, not wanting to put her off or offend
her, but yearning to know everything there was about why and how she was different.
“I do.” I said truthfully, “But I don’t want to upset or insult you.” I fell silent, and
Julienne looked around the room as she seemed to consider.
“Well, few people have ever known about my condition.” She said the word with
emphasis, as if it should be surrounded with quotation marks, “However, out of the few who discovered it by accident, you have reacted the most humanely and honestly. So, ask your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer.”

The Review

Before I get onto the review, I want to clear something up for those of you who struggle with terminology or generally understanding non-heteronormative gendering. Futanari and transgendered are not the same thing. The closest equivalent to futa is actually “intersexed”. Intersexed refers to a range of physical conditions that result in varying combinations of male and female sex organs. A cruder term for intersexed persons is “hermaphrodite”. Very simplified, transgendered persons are individuals who do not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth. So, someone who identifies as male but was born with female reproductive organs. Not all transgendered persons choose to undergo gender reassignment, thus not all transgendered persons are futanari. This is all particularly true for this story as Julienne explains to Evy that her “condition” is one that she was born with, not as a result of surgery.

Other than this misnaming in the online blurb for the book (which apparently is an Amazon issue and has not yet been corrected by Amazon), I quite enjoyed this story. It’s not really erotica. I would class it as more of a romance. Minou tried to be delicate and considerate with her approach to the questions that people may have if they should ever come into contact with someone who is very obviously intersexed. It wasn’t crude or vulgar, which lays good ground work for the series and this blossoming into a relationship between these women, rather than a one-night stand or friends with benefits arrangement.

The sex wasn’t red hot and in your face. And for this type of introduction to the characters, it worked very well. By her own admission, Julienne is rather inexperienced as the difference in her body makes it difficult to be intimate with others. Evy has only ever been with men so this is also a new experience for her and it shows in the way the sexual scenes were written. It was tentative but honest.

My only gripe with this story is that it is too short. This entire premise could have been a really beautiful, full length novel with characters that grow and form together. I would love to read something like that. Being intersexed, and the hardships that can come with humanity’s inherent cruelty for anything or anyone that is considered different, is not something that I have come across in all my novel searching.

My rating: 4/5

This review was requested by the author.

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  1. While this wasn’t quite what I was expecting when I asked you to read more of this genre, it’s really nice to know that someone can properly handle the subject matter and make a proper love story out of it.

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