Movie Review: The Conjuring 2 – Don’t want

Conjuring 2 Poster

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Director: James Wan

Running Time: 134 Minutes

“To fight evil, you have to understand the dark.”

― Nalini Singh, Heart of Obsidian

The Plot

Ed and Lorraine Warren are back but reluctantly so. Lorraine is having a crisis of purpose. She is concerned that if they continue to fight and vanquish demons and ghosts, she will lose Ed. She has seen his death. They decided to take a break from the hunting and the fighting. As fate would have it, they are then asked to assist the church, by merely observing, a suspected paranormal case in North London. Lorraine is reluctant at first but eventually decides to help.

Peggy Hodgson is a single mother of four. She is struggling to make ends meet and to top it all off, one of her daughters is sleep walking and ending up in strange places.  She soon realises that this is not a simple case of kids acting up or sleep walking. There is something terrorising the family. The police are unable to assist, television coverage has proven useless, having back-fired in some ways, and Peggy is at her wits end.

Conjuring 2 Poltergeist

Performances & Special Effects

This is a James Wan film so it didn’t disappoint when came to special effect/makeup and sound. The paranormal occurrences are simple (moving objects, shadows and sound) but very effective and where CGI was employed, it looks fantastic!

After The Conjuring, I was really impressed with Vera Farmiga’s and Patrick Wilson’s portrayal of Lorraine and Ed Warren (respectively). They are equally superb in this sequel. As with the first film, I was especially impressed and disturbed by the children’s performances. Their fear is palpable and their acting range is phenomenal. I don’t know where Wan keeps finding these kids!

Equally impressive and keeping with the theme, the set dressing was precise and entirely accurate for the period depicted. Thatcher era London looks as desolate, rundown and drab as you would expect. The attention to detail in Wan’s films always amaze and impress me.

Conjuring 2 Nun

The Review

I loved it. However, fans of the first film need to be aware that this is not a rehash of the Perron haunting. Enfield was something else entirely and the audience needs to adjust for this. As is always appreciated, there isn’t some lengthy backstory or flash-backing. the movie just started and keeps its pace right to the end. It’s great fun with friends and in the dark. I didn’t jump completely out of my skin but there are some very decent jump scares that had me pulling my hood up and hiding behind my popcorn bucket. The precision use of sound and silence makes the tension building stupendous. Wan really knows how to get an audience going.

My rating: 4/5

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