Movie Review: Miami Connection – Friendship, Taekwondo & Cocaine

Miami Connection

Genre: Action

Director: Richard Park

Running Time: 73 Minutes

The Plot

I’m not even going to lie, I don’t have a clue as to what the primary plot for this film was. There is a band, Dragon Sound, which is employed by a club as the new “house band”. This angers the front man of the club’s previous “house band” and they have beef. But then there is also a group a motorcycle riding ninja who are deeply involved in Miami’s cocaine trade. Somehow, these two plots intersect and give us glorious ’80s action, taekwondo and friendship. Not be forgotten, there is also personal drama and training exercises to fill in the 73 minute run-time of this film.

Miami Connection Ninja

Performances & Special Effects

If you go into this movie expecting stellar performances and award worthy special effects, you’re an idiot. However, if you are looking for cheesy one-liners, badly choreographed fight scenes and quintessential 80’s bad guys (with SMGs and mullets), then this is the ride for you! They even threw in Rocky-esque frolic on the beach scene, as a value added extra. If you taking nothing else from this film, the two original songs will make it well worth the watch.

Miami Connection  Street Fight

The Review

If the theatrical poster, Hell’s Angels ninja, taekwondo friendship and general ’80’s nostalgia is not enough to convince you to watch this film, nothing I say will change that. There’s this bit where one of the band members is killed by a ninja and taekwondo man (Y.K. Kim) goes full ninserker! What’s not to love!?

It all honesty, this is a shitty movie with bad effects and atrocious acting but it is such fun to watch with friends and have a laugh about. If you don’t enjoy the ’80’s nostalgia, generally, you will hate this movie, which is fine but just go in with your eyes open.

My rating: 3/5

Buy or rent Miami Connection on Amazon.

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