Movie Review: The Ouija Exorcism – I can barely recall, but it’s all coming back to me now…

The Ouija Exorcism

Genre: Horror

Director: Nick Slatkin

Running Time: 77 Minutes

“From the people who brought you Ninja Immovable Heart – possibly the worst movie of 2014. Thanks for nothing Uncork’ed Entertainment!”

– TropicalMary

The Plot

A father must protect his son, after an evil entity is released from a ouija board. This ancient evil has visited the family before, when the father was plagued by it as a child himself. He has no memory of this and must call on his own ailing father for help. Family secrets will be revealed and memories regained. And this will be done is the dark.

The Ouija Exorcism Father

Performances & Special Effects

The acting was only outdone in suckiness by the terrible script and plot. The actors seemed as confused by the plot as we were. There were no real special effects, except for a scene with black demon smoke (much like in Supernatural), and even that was crap. I have nothing favourable to add here. Everyone was bad. Everyone.

The Ouija Exorcism Couple

The stereotypes were tired and boring. Moody teens, cheating boyfriends, girlfriends who know better but stay with him anyway. I must also make a quick comment on the general makeup. The lighting was so poorly managed that there was absolutely no doubt as to how much makeup the actors were wearing, to help them appear younger on camera. This really kills the vibe, especially when you can see the pancaked foundation filling in the wrinkles of the skin.

The Review

I’d like to point out that other than the ouija board, this movie poster has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Don’t be fooled my friends! Furthermore, the Occult Specialist and I could not figure out what was actually happening. It wasn’t the sketchy plot or bad scripting. No. It was the lack of lighting. Literally. The movie was dark, and not in the supernatural sense of the word. We even watched the entire credit list and realised that there was no lighting person listed! We figured out more about the plot when we watched the colour corrected trailer, after we’d already watched the movie, than  watching the actual film.

The Ouija Exorcism Son

Don’t get me wrong, we had great fun watching this movie, mostly due to the MST3K-esque manner in which we watched it and the complete lack of lighting. The lighting was so bad that when the planchette was moving around the ouija board, we had to make up our own words because we just could not see a damned thing. When we weren’t mocking the film, we were singing Celine Dion’s “It’s all coming back to me now” due to the apparent selective amnesia that the protagonist was suffering from.

Look, we had a good time watching this, but that was largely due to our bizarre mood and snappy oneliners. This is a genuinely shit movie but wooden actors, a severely sub-par plot and miserable writing. Unless you have a group of people who are willing to watch, and mock, this movie with you, I recommend you give it a wide berth.

My rating: 1/5

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