Book Review: Filling the Brat’s Throat – The Other Side of the Floor

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“Daddy, you’re forgetting that I’m your stepdaughter. So, as two consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with us taking care of each other’s needs. You scratch my back, I’ll suck your cock…”

– Locations 149-151

The Plot

Chrissy is returning home, after her mother’s death. Her mother visited her in a dream and told her to go home and look after her stepfather. In the dream, her mother further explained what she meant by “take care of”, divulging her and her husband’s boudoir secrets to her daughter. It turns out that Chrissy is well aware of her parents’ antics as she spied on them for years through a hole in her bedroom floor, conveniently placed over her parents’ bed.

The real question is whether her stepfather will approve of his dead wife’s plan and his daughter’s willingness.

Writing Style

I hurt, physically, when I agreed to dramatically read this soiled, rag of garbage. In addition to the general lack of correct word order and stiff writing, the author went entirely overboard with the “baby doll/girl” motif. We all knew that this was going to be a “Daddy” story but I’m still amazed that Sarah Sethline was able to fit approximately 73 daddies in about 25 pages of text. By the end of the book, I was so plagued by the use of the word “daddy” that I woke up in the middle of night, certain that a vengeful spirit had breathily whispered “daddy” in my ear just to spite me. I’ve been so thoroughly conditioned by one short piece of writing that I saw a Lufthansa travel ad that said: “Birdwatching with Daddy.”, accompanied by a picture of a little boy and his father, and I automatically read it in a breathy tone in my head.

Added to this overused word, the erotica bit of the book was sorely lacking in erotica. I know that the taboo of a daddy/daughter relationship or liaison is part of the erotic idea and fuels the fantasy but that part of the story wasn’t particularly well written and was actually rather pedestrian. The both went down on each other, and eventually they do it again and then they bang, briefly.

I need someone to explain to me how an author can readily use “cunt”, pussy”, “dick”, “cock”, and the like but uses the word “diddle” to describe masturbation. It is such a juvenile, insipid word for an adult to use in the heat of passion.

“He stared in awe as Chrissy used her free hand to diddle her pantied pussy, then scooted off of him in order to lower his pants. Jon’s hard cock sprang from his boxers upon release, desperate to break free.” Locations 413-415

“Powerless to walk away, Jon pulled his daughter to the edge of the couch and entered her super sensitive, overexcited pussy. Moving slowly in her tight wetness, he sensed he could cum in under a minute, that’s how damn good it felt. Her gripping walls felt slick on his dick, and the temperature inside her love cave was off the charts.” Locations 459-461

“Stepping back, she pulled her black top off, then quickly unhooked her bra. Her full, round tits jostled from their release, and Chrissy could tell that her daddy liked what he saw. To a casual observer, she looked petite and underage on the outside, but as soon as she took off that shirt, she was ALL woman.” Locations 183-185

“With a triumphant moan, Jon began to dump hot buckets of cum into his daughter’s hole, his thick cream coating her teeth, tongue and throat.” Locations 236-237

“Love cave”? Really? These types of erotic stories are written in such a way that all the women orgasm faster than the speed of light and multiple times, and the men pump like rabbits, making them come across like the One Minute men Missy Elliot didn’t want. Furthermore, the book ended at 50%, which pissed me off. The other 50% was made up of excerpts from other authors’ stories and a “bonus story” which was about 8 pages long.

The Review

I can overlook the obsession that some people have with fucking their daddy, I can even move past the excessive use of the word “daddy” in this story because it so strongly ties into the fantasy but I can’t deal with the complete bio-polar nature of the character descriptions. On the one hand, Chrissy is described as looking like a twelve year old but then she is described as have an ample butt and jostling breasts. These two things cannot co-exist. Her child-like qualities and appearance are often focused on in the story yet, completely glossed over when the author deems appropriate. I also don’t understand why the dead mother had to make an appearance. That plot point should have been left out entirely.

Now, to be fair, Jon did try (though half-heartedly) to stave off Chrissy’s advances but eventually gives into temptation and fucks the kid that he raised. This sort of thing makes no sense to me… He is the only father that she has ever known. I would be able to get on board with this fetish a little easier if the stepfather came into her life in her later teen years, or something like that. That is just my personal issue but this is very much a taboo that many many people enjoy and who am I to deny them? Even so, this is not a great literary example of this taboo. Furthermore, why are men almost always written in such a way that they have no self-control? It’s a misnomer that plagues romance and erotica writing. “He simply couldn’t help himself.” It’s irritating and perpetuates this believe in the real world.

It reads a lot like a shitty porn scene where you can clearly see that the guy is too young to be a daddy and the woman actually says “Gasp!” instead of gasping. With the descriptive language available to us, writing this sort of thing should paint the picture for you but this story just doesn’t do that. It almost as if the author was hoping that by throwing in as many “daddies” as possible, the reader would be fooled into thinking that this was actually a good representation of this type of erotica. My search for good daddy erotica continues.

My rating: 1/5

But Filling the Brat’s Throat on Amazon.

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