Book Review: Billionaire Romance – He Knocked Me Up!


“The downside to being a mistress is that you never have any level fighting ground with the wife. She will always have more time on her hands with the man that you have fallen in love with whether it is for leisure or pleasure or simply a short time feuding with him.”

– Billionaire Romance: He Knocked Me Up!, Locations 295-297


Sarah, the maid, is sleeping with Nick, her billionaire employer, under his wife’s nose. It’s made clear very early on that Nick and Marie are in a loveless marriage and that Marie is likely fucking the pool boy on the side anyway. Sarah is preggers with Nick’s kid, even though he believed himself to be infertile, due to his demeaning wife’s insistence of this fact.

To add clichéd insult to clichéd injury, Nick is leaving his wife for Sarah. He’s already insisted that she give up her job as a maid and has moved her into her own mini-mansion until proceedings are finalised.

*Cue bitch showdown*

Writing Style

I don’t know. This was one of the worst things I’ve read in terms of, well, everything. The grammar was non-existent, the direct speech was stiff and 18th century formal, the narrative was sloppy and the sex was “make your eyeballs bleed” dumb. It feels as if this story was translated, very badly, from another language, especially where masculine and feminine pronouns are concerned and specific words being consistently misspelled.

“I had not won anything underneath in anticipation for him and knew he would love this.” Location 50

Other than the abysmal sentence structure in the sentence above, the “won” was not a simple typo as it appears several times throughout the text. The same goes for referring to women as “he” instead of “she”. Gendered pronouns can be tricky if you are translating or writing in English and your mother tongue does not treat gendering in the same way. Some of the errors and “typos” seem to be the result of the author spelling the word phonetically. There is also a clear lack of understanding of turn of phrase and idioms.

“…I knew that he was well on his way to a climax. He always became chatty when he was about to offload, my thoughts were confirmed by him circling his hands around my waist and tightening his grip. He groaned and moaned slightly louder and paused for a minute as he exploded into me.” Locations 115-116

The Review

This was painful to read and it was slow going trying to get through the whopping three chapters Ms Moore presented here. Aside from the terrible writing skill and other technical issues, the story itself was boring and predictable. The characters weren’t developed enough to care about, and the pregnant maid just came across as a money-grubbing slag, rather than a naive, small town girl who was taken in by the glitz and power. She isn’t vaguely remorseful for being the “other woman”, but rather sees her position as her due because the wife is a bitch.

It’s a silly story with tired tropes and horrendously shitty writing. Steer clear.

My rating: 0/5

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