Book Review: Lucid Desire – Your Wildest Dreams


“I pluck a helicopter from the sky and use it to cool my face.”

Lucid Desire, Locations 720-721

The Plot

Amy is a smart, savvy, sexy, self-assured thirty year old who is utterly bored and fed up with her unfulfilling life. The tedium of the daily humdrum necessities is leaving her angry and extremely dissatisfied in the bedroom, and with her husband Mark. She remembers loving sex, and being wild and carefree. Now, she can’t even remember when she last orgasmed during sex. Mark is equally frustrated but doesn’t know how to fix this problem. He seems to think that spicing things up should do the trick but Amy knows that this runs much deeper than not having a sense of adventure in the bedroom.

As a last ditch effort to salvage their sex-life and, potentially, their marriage, the couple goes to a therapist. Amy takes to the relaxation exercises more than she thought she would and finds herself able to create and do amazing things in her dreams.

Writing Style

This is a superbly written short story. I found the imagery vivid and enticing. This is especially important when the reader is exploring a character’s dreams. We all know how foggy our own dreams can be, and how tongue-tied we sometimes feel when trying to related them to someone. Mr Oenemal did very well in immersing me in the dream world and marveling at the weirdness, comfort and fun of it all.

There were no grammatical or plot issues that I could find and the narrative had a steady flow to it. This is one of those stories where only a first person narrative would work, and Mr Oenemal did well to not lose himself or his character in the process.

“Then I feel it, deep in my stomach: I think of all the lost years of joy, the times where he’s pretended to care, and promised me the world, and said things without following through. And I tell him, ‘You’ve been passively destroying my passion for years!’ A strange thing for a giant to say. I don’t care.” Locations 712-714

“Apparently at the gym you should look like a porn star, which she absolutely did this morning, with her bright purple leggings and blue sports top that revealed everything but nips whenever she bent over; and in the office you should look like Hilary Clinton, as demonstrated by her current flawless black pantsuit with a three-button jacket— which is trying unsuccessfully to hide her annoyingly full bust.” Locations 249-251

“His muscles aren’t huge, but they’re defined like a Greek statue’s, and they look… real… for lack of a better word. Those big guys at the uni gym don’t look like they could do anything practical with their giant muscles; but Adam looks like he could chase down a bag snatcher, or build something, or save people from drowning in the sea.” Locations 1284-1287

The Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I think some people might feel cheated when they realise that it’s not 77 pages of lascivious, torrid, dirty sex. It’s about a woman reclaiming her sexuality and her life and realising that she is the only one who can change the things that she is unhappy with. Other people only make us as unhappy as we allow them to make us. I found myself laughing out loud at some things, while nodding in vigorous agreement with other part of the narrative.

The sexual fantasies where fantastic, with the author really embracing the idea of the sky being the limit, literally so, at one point. There were elements of futanari fantasies, dub-con, squirting, gender-bending, and much more. More than the sex, the author makes some very acute observations regarding someone like Amy. That is to say, an A-type personality who despises not being in control but being unable to find sexual, and general, satisfaction in her life. I can relate to this character very strongly and I think that some readers may find the narrative ringing uncomfortably true for their own lives. Amy must realise that there is no-one stopping her from getting what she wants, she is the only one stopping herself. And this does not only apply to sexual gratification.

This is a great read with fantastic technical skill which allows for the reader’s full immersion. I’ve read both of this author’s current Amazon releases and I see great improvement between the two. He has a vivid imagination and knows how to tell a story. I especially like the fact that he doesn’t shy away from sexual taboos, but moreover, he doesn’t try to sugar coat these perceived “deviances”. There are a few instances where the current gender climate may take issue with some of his portrayals of gendering but you need to look past that and look at it for what it is. It’s a fictional story about dreams. There are massive margins at work here. Personally, I look forward to Mr Oenemal’s future endeavours.

My rating: 5/5

This review was requested by the author.

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