Book Review: Jackie’s Erotic Beanstalk – Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the nectar of a Nymph


“I’m going to see the Storm Giant.” She felt satisfaction as his eyes went wide with shock. “Maybe I can make him happy again.”

Jackie’s Erotic Beanstalk, Location 139


Jacqueline’s mother is sick, and dying, due to the overabundance of rain in the land. Jackie is instructed to find a special root, which might help heal her ailing mother, but she is naive and very quickly trades the root for some magic beans. The satyr who tricks her into giving up the root, also wants a lick of her nectar. She manages to get away but feels utterly defeated when she finds out that she’s been had. Not unlike the the original version of this English tale, the beans turn out to be far more magical than initially thought.

Writing Style

At 28 pages, this is a short read but it is pretty well written. I found that the narrative didn’t feel rushed, as sometimes happens when an author ties to fit too much story onto too few pages.

I found nothing wrong with the author’s technical skill and the story-telling was fluid.

“But the plant gripped her tight. She struggled against her restraint and the tendrils writhed, circling around her body. As a cascade of strands wrapped around her, she felt their sinuous pressure at her ear. She shook her head and a vine whipped around her neck, shooting into her mouth.” Locations 162-164

“His massive cock flopped in front of her, its red, bulbous head almost too wide for her to put her arms around. She gulped down her intimidation and stood. Placing her hand on the side of its head, she was surprised at how soft it felt. She stroked her hands along it, massaging the skin. It swelled under her touch and soon it rose like a treant, erecting itself off the floor.” Locations 209-212

The Review

Despite the ultra cheesy cover and the awful name, this wasn’t a bad read. It’s not really my thing because the naive nymph coupled with the the kids’ fairy tale premise feels a bit paedophiley, but I can see the appeal for others. I guess this sort of story, together with erotica involving other mythical creatures, feeds a specific market. For some it’s the fantasy of not being human, for others it may indulge a form of bestiality without the taboo in that these beasts are sentient and able to consent. What ever the reason, I can understand why this sort of erotica is popular.

I was impressed with the fact that she didn’t just call it “erotica” and then present regular old missionary sex, as many authors usually do. There was a bit of everything in this story and I think that the sexual encounters were particularly well-written. There is a scene (referenced above) where she is trying to pleasure the giant by using her entire body. I was reminded of Christie Sims’ Taken by the T-Rex, where the heroine basically gave the great beast’s penis a “body job”. This was far better executed than the Sims piece. I liked that she was able to sneak in some tentacle porn and also the use of restraints. It was an interesting and plausible mix of sexual encounters for the story presented to the reader. Most of all, I think that the sexual encounters being evenly dispersed throughout the story makes for even reading, rather than the story being heavy on the back end, making the reader feel like they’ve had to slog through endless narrative for a few minutes of actual erotica.

My rating: 3½/5

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