Book Review: A Soldier’s First Time 1 – Back that ass up

'"I'm not… Trent… I'm not gay," I stuttered, barely able to push the words between my lips.' - A Soldier's First Time 1 (Locations 101-102) The Plot From Amazon: 22-year-old Luke steps into the sandy world of a war-torn country for a second time, but this tour of duty is unlike any he has ever... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Riding with the Cop – Her Punishment for His Pleasure

“What are you going to do to me?” Lilly questioned, feeling nervous but incredibly aroused by Jake’s marauding fingers and powerful body pressing against hers. “Anything I want to.” His voice was hot and sultry. - Riding with the Cop (Locations 116-118) The Plot Lilly Thompson needs to complete her shadowing and is so close... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Attack of the Fisting Zombies – Skateboards and Roller Skates and Catapults Oh My!

"Hess was a beautiful, battle-hardened thirty-something, who was only vaguely described, but the general impression was one of cool, calm, poise and beauty, with a devastating intellect and wicked smile. And a large chest, obviously, squeezed into a tight uniform which strained to hold in her round, heavy, pliant, pendulous breasts that heaved up and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Spanking Surprise at Quinham College – Gird your loins, ladies!

"I won’t tell a lie, then, it’s you. It’s you I’d love to spank right on your lovely big ass." Spanking Surprise at Quinham College (P.4, PDF version) The Plot From Amazon: Cloris is called to the office of the intimidating Miss Pushman, the headmistress. A ball gag and other dubious items have been found... Continue Reading →

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