Book Review: Spanking Surprise at Quinham College – Gird your loins, ladies!

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“I won’t tell a lie, then, it’s you. It’s you I’d love to spank right on your lovely big ass.”

Spanking Surprise at Quinham College (P.4, PDF version)

The Plot

From Amazon: Cloris is called to the office of the intimidating Miss Pushman, the headmistress. A ball gag and other dubious items have been found in the young woman’s locker, and it is clear before long she is in trouble. The headmistress, backed up by her sexy secretary, seems to have all the power. But does she? Will Cloris be the passive victim of corporal punishment?

Writing Style

The writing, on the whole, was good. This is a 1st person narrative, and Roxy Katt is a proficient story teller so it feels a little like someone reminiscing about their distant past. There were a few instances where I think further revision would have been beneficial. Largely, this revolved around verb placement and strange word order. It wasn’t terrible enough to distract the reader from the story but it was a little cumbersome and clumsy, at times.

“I pushed her towards the desk and made her bend over it. She did so in a kind of
docile daze. Forced into a submissive role, she no longer had a script she was familiar with.” (P.5, PDF version)

“Spasmodically, Simpson gripped Pushman’s head with her thighs and hands, and looked like she would push the poor woman’s head all the way up her vagina. She trembled mightily, and I saw Pushman’s arms flap in desperation.
“I think she’s having difficulty breathing, Simpson, let her have at least a little air–that’s it–she’s no use to you if she passes out.”” (P.9, PDF version)

Something that is annoying is that one of the characters did a name change halfway through the story. The secretary goes from “Sally Smithers” to “Sally Simpson”.

The Review

This was an entertaining story but not really a wholly erotic read. There were moments that ramped up the erotica but overall, it was a lot like a porn “scene”. I felt like the characters lacked conviction. Cloris wasn’t entirely convincing as a domme, and while Miss Pushman’s surprise and shock was rather convincing, I would expect a dominant to put up more of a fight when being forced into a submissive role.

The setting could have been used more effectively. The story is set in the ’60s, and as such the taboo, punishable offense of homosexual acts could have been better utilised in the thrill of getting caught. Further, everyone has had a moment in their lives where they wish a person abusing their authority would get their comeuppance, so this part of the story is relatable, but the humiliation factor of the narrative was a little soft for the overall sentiment of the story.

The spanking is the focus of the story, which is great. And for those who enjoy a good spanking from time to time or who have fantasized but not partaken, I think that you will enjoy this aspect. Cunnilingus was used as part of the humiliation factor and thus I would have preferred a little more depth, so to speak, in the narrative surrounding the muff diving. Overall, this was a fun read but I found it to be more entertaining rather than a turn on.

My rating: 3½/5

This review was requested by the author.

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