Coming Soon: Stephen King’s It [Trailer]

It Poster

Pennywise is a character that has terrorised me since I was 6 years old, when I accidentally watch It while hiding under with my favourite crocheted kiddy blanket. Visually, the trailer for the upcoming remake of the classic Stephen King adaptation, is everything that I could have hoped for. There was a bit of nostalgia, a lot of guessing and an horrific clown.

I particularly enjoyed the 70’s/80’s stylisation of the set dressing, as I had been wondering if the producers would want to modernise the setting for a new audience. Further, I like that the focus seems to be from the children’s perspective giving it a Stranger Things/Super 8 feel. If these young thespians are half as talented as those in Super 8, this will be a fantastic watch. Many have criticised the creators and producers for moving away from the classic Tim Curry representation of Stephen King’s much feared creation but I love the eponymous clown’s look.

Release Date:  (US) 8 September 2017; (RSA) 15 September 2017


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