TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Winters Heat

Winter's Heat Cover

“The woman jumped from her crouch in the corner. She fumbled toward the busted door, arms outstretched, wailing a determined cry. He hooked an arm around her waist. She flailed, arms pumping and legs bicycling the Tour de France.” (p. 8) Kindle Edition

“He had a strong jawline. His lips were fuller than she’d noticed. She would remember every detail for the sketch artist after she escaped. She wanted his face all over the eleven o’clock news. Headline: Madman Proficient in Gunplay Saves Woman. No. Not saves. Madman Proficient in Gunplay Kidnaps Woman. She was nowhere near saved sitting in this truck.” (p. 13) Kindle Edition

““Okay, Mia, here’s what we’re going to do. When they pull up, act like we let loose. We had too many drinks.” He motioned to the karaoke bar with a tip of his head, then dipped his lips to her neck, lingering under her ear. “I’m convincing you to come to my room. You’re not putting up too much of a fight. Just enough to keep it fun.”” (p. 70) Kindle Edition

““With pleasure, babe. My mom babysits for me, doll. I have a daughter. A baby. Tiny tyke. Cute as she can be. And my mom watches her when I work.” Mia’s jaw fell wide open. Ding, ding, ding. That was what he wanted to see. Mia was dumbstruck— and pretty as hell— but with nothing sassy to say. One of his prouder moments of the day.”  (pp. 57-58) Kindle Edition

““I’m not asking you to play family. I get it. You don’t do family. And I… can’t. But I also can’t see you across the room and not want to hold you. You’re a crazy woman for even suggesting the couch.” He grazed a finger down her cheek.” (p. 112) Kindle Edition

““She has a skin tracker on her. Long story short, she has a bio-tag on. We’ve got about eight more hours to get a signal from her.” “Kinky,” his buddy called from the end of the room. “Shut your face, Cash.” Winters scowled at Parker. “Can you find that tracker?”” (p. 145) Kindle Edition

“She took a long, deep breath. The truth. She loved him more than any woman should love a man. Her mind traveled at warp speed. Words jumbled in her brain. So many things wanted to come out at once that she couldn’t get them in order. He stiffened and turned away. “Got it. Never mind. I’ll just slide my ass out of here.”” (p. 258) Kindle Edition

“With gentle precision, he rolled off his back, still deep inside her. Angelic hair splayed on the mattress, framed by pillows. Legs wrapped his torso. Fingers threaded his hair. Trying for the softest of strokes and failing, Winters took his entire length from her drenched sweetness, then shafted her full again.” (p. 127) Kindle Edition

“Mia paused her movie. The Bodyguard. What shitty timing. This was the perfect part, where Kevin Costner held Whitney Huston to his chest. If Colby barged in during her first viewing, he’d have caught her singing along to the soundtrack.” (p.253) Kindle Edition

“Before he knew how to wrangle that thought, her hands planted on his chest and pushed against him like he wasn’t two hundred plus pounds of lean muscle. She could have used her pinky and had him flat on his back, powerless to her will. That was just fine with him.” (p. 124) Kindle Edition

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