TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Half-man, Half-horse, All Love

Half Man Half Horse All Love“No one ever said that the life of a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher would be an easy one. And I should know. Because I am a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher. And my life isn’t easy.” (Kindle Locations 20-21)

“It was like having a pacifier in every orifice… Sometimes two or three…” (Kindle Locations 25-26)

“I had a sweet ass and my femininity was glorious, and the entire package was wrapped up in the skimpiest little pixie dress, so that any time I bent over to the ground my tight thong panties rose up high, flashing whoever happened to be around to nice, full view of my butt cleavage.” (Kindle Locations 38-40)

“…I’ll be the first to admit that my father had his flaws. Sure, maybe he was a little bit strict. And mean. And thoughtless. And misogynistic. And bigoted. And outright racist at times. And he cursed like a sailor. And he far too frequently went around the house without clothes on. But I really believed, in spite of all of that, there was some good deep down inside him, a desire to see me flourish in life.” (Kindle Locations 71-75)

““Holy God!” I gasped, putting my hand to my mouth, tears coming to my eyes. “Who the hell could have done this?” Pa’s tiny little farmer eyes narrowed. “Tentacle vampires…” he rasped, in a dark, gruff voice.” (Kindle Locations 130-132)

“The lips of my pussy were sparkling silver and delectable with pixy dust, the moisture dripping along my thighs, and though I was fearful in my experience and naivety, I tried to remain confident, swaying my hips as I approached him, trying to be as seductive as possible.” (Kindle Locations 296-298)

“And it was at that point that I whipped out a carrot from behind my back, long and sharp and orange. His eyes went wide as I brought it to my lips, letting my tongue drip out along it and coat it with saliva, lubricating the thing. Then slowly, I reached down, and began to slide it up into my pussy, inch by inch of it, until just the orange tip was protruding from my body.” (Kindle Locations 323-326)

“I came, hard, an unspeakable orgasm pulsing through my anatomy like a drug. My buttocks clenched, and I hurled my pelvis forward hard into his face, smothering him in my shimmering floral folds. He continued to hold steady, his tongue buried in my flesh like a spade. And at last, slowly, slowly, I released my grip.” (Kindle Locations 349-352)

“Your Ma would be rolling in her grave if she knew what sinful monstrosities her own dear daughter was committing here, in her own home… She gave her life for you in the jaws of a t-rex, and this is how you repay her?”” (Kindle Locations 435-437)

“Then, as I was still struggling to contain the overabundance of cock in my vagina, I felt several tentacles pushing up into my butthole, and in my mouth, and I felt so overfilled that I could scarcely bear it.” (Kindle Locations 562-564)

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