TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Air Ryder

Air Ryder.jpg“Up ahead, off to the side of the road, a man stood with his leg propped up on a log. He was shirtless, clad in only low slung jean shorts that were a dozen inches too short. As she slowed down, the man poured a plastic gallon jug of water over his bright red hair and rubbed the water all over his rippling abs in slow motion.” (p. 31)

“Does he snuggle Dottie when he’s watching television?” Ryder asked. “Hmm? Does he take her to the dog park and on walks? Does he buy her new collars and share his ice cream cones with her? Does he wipe her mouth after she eats?” (p. 14).

“It was nice to eavesdrop on you,” Alexis said. “I mean meet you. You’re very cute.” Stop talking. “I mean, I like gingers.” (p. 16)

“He was shattering her heart with his tenderness. She’d imagined intimacy with the dirty-mouthed, sexually-charged Air Ryder would be quick and hard, but he was lips melding onto hers, soft strokes against her skin, racing heartbeats, and a soft sound in his throat that was nothing shy of content.” (p. 115)

“That’s my dog, Sprinkles.”

“No ma’am,” he growled. “That’s two pounds wet and covered in pink jewels. Sprinkles?” He offered Lexi an offended glare. “That’s not a dog. It’s a husky hamster.” (p. 49)

“Ryder pulled something from his back pocket and dropped to one knee. Panicked, she asked, “What are you doing?” He gave her a mushy smile, then popped open the ring box. And inside was a… Tiny clay penis.” (pp. 153-154)

“When a mouse ran across the wooden floors of the bedroom, Lexi bolted upright on the bed with a horror film scream clawing its way up her throat. Ryder hunched and covered his ears, and outside Aaron yelled, “Sounds like she saw Ryder’s dick!” More laughter echoed as Lexi inhaled for another scream.” (pp. 139-140)

“Ryder wasn’t some scared kid anymore. He wasn’t small and helpless. He had fifty pounds of muscle on his biological father, more fighting experience under his belt than humans could guess at, and his owl wasn’t the terrified, gray, little owlet anymore. Inside, his animal raged to be set free to bleed this man.” (p. 198)

“As the gray wolf leapt at her, his eyes deranged, his lips curled back to expose all those razor sharp teeth, Lexi launched herself backward off the ledge. At least she was taking one of them her.” (p. 220)

“He was staring down at her, his gold eyes round and his pupils so small it made them look even brighter. Even more striking. He was white as snow, but underneath his wings, there were dark specks on his long flight feathers. He was enormous, his wingspan stretching much longer than she’d imagined.” (pp. 149-150)

Air Ryder (and other T. S. Joyce titles) are available on Amazon.

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