TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar

John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar.jpg

“The sound of the back of the control units whizzed and whirred, beeping brightly into John Rockman’s cold pale eyes, but they were also stern, and so was his spaceship.”  (p. 1)

“Rockman sat in the chair and it groaned under his manly weight.” (p. 5)

“Suddenly a very primitive, yet indestructible net fell on Rockman. He was suddenly rendered as helpless as Maria, before she was even caged. He heard Maria scream a little in the distance.” (p. 78)

“The voice was deep and hoarse, like a smoker. The face attached to that voice was hard and rugged, almost as much as Rockman’s. He had muscles to match too. That is, almost as muscular as Rockman.” (p. 108)

“Maria Ozone stumbled backward, arms as stiff as planks of cosmo-lumber, and she fell helplessly against the control panel. Her firm and round buttocks landed squarely on the large orange button labeled: CARGO HATCH! Her breasts jiggled a little bit when she landed.” (p. 7)

“Rockman had to relax the major muscle groups in his body that he had tightened in preparation for death and re-tighten them several times.” (p. 199)

“Upon landing on the floor in the space-silent CARGO BAY, Stone followed suit and placed his space suit boots on the floor with a soundless clunk. Rockman twisted his arms in a message of hand signs that told Stone the following: Flip that switch on the wall behind you to close the cargo doors.” (p. 229)

“Luckily, Rockman was adept at multitasking. Granted, he operated best when simultaneously completing at least five tasks but two tasks will have to do. The ease of balancing two tasks was almost so easy that he may screw it up.” (p. 254)

“There at least four million life forms in the large hover-seating sections. It was so many people that Rockman was almost amazed. He knew there were a lot of people in the Universe, this was nothing compared to that.” (p. 290)

“Rockman and the other two looked up to him then, as he sat on his sparkling red and golden throne. He also had knowledge gleaming in his eyes, not as much as Rockman’s gleam, obviously.” (p. 332)

John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar is available on Amazon.


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