TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Embattled Hearts

Embattled Hearts.jpg

“The business was doing great, but he couldn’t help but be resentful that he was not part of the detectives out on the street. Looking down at his worthless legs, he was once again swamped with anger.” (Locations 99-100)

“Shannon was a good bit smaller than the older woman beside her, but curvy, and had a husky laugh that gave him chills. His own lips curled up in shared humor, even though he had no idea what she laughed at. Without conscious thought, he pushed his chair forward to get their attention.” (Locations 109-111)

“Sitting in his modified chair, he was only a bit shorter than she was. And no shorter when she sat in her own office chair, which she seemed to do a lot when he entered the office. She seemed to sense that it put him more at ease, to be on an equal level. John appreciated her thoughtfulness more than she knew.” (Locations 119-121)

“She waved a hand at the trash can. “This is the kind of stuff he would do. Leave little mementos to let me know he had been there. And it’s the kind of cola he would drink.””(Locations 464-465)

“He had every characteristic she had always wanted in a man. Humor, strength, level-headedness. The physical characteristics came in a distant second to his quiet personality and sardonic humor.” (Locations 765-767)

“His heart pounded so loud he was afraid the sound would wake her. It had been so very long since he had held somebody against him in sleep. He tried to remember when it had been, but his brain was beginning to slow down. At least six years. There’d been nobody since he’d been in the chair.” (Locations 1115-1117)

“Consciousness was returning quickly, and she realized the burning heat behind her was not the cat. It was a hard, masculine chest branding itself to her back.” (Locations 1125-1126)

“John felt tears flood his own eyes and was man enough to just let them roll as he whispered to her over and over again that she was okay. He pushed her back for a moment to make sure that the blood coating her front wasn’t her own.” (Locations 2561-2563)

“I don’t know if I can reciprocate that. I mean, I’m nuts about you. I love having sex with you, obviously. But I don’t know what love is, you know? I don’t know if I’m feeling the same thing you are.” (Locations 2802-2803)

“Looking at Shannon in the mirror as she talked to his buddy, John realized he didn’t have the balls to tell her goodbye. The danger had passed and there was no reason for him to stay in her house anymore, other than because he wanted to.” (Locations 2887-2888)

Embattled Hearts (and the rest of the LNF series) is available on Amazon.

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