Coming Soon: Book Review – A Year in the Life of a Revolutionist

A Year in the Life of a Revolutionist.jpgFrom Amazon:

The contents of this publication consist of my story during 2017, including material and reflections I wrote about events, ideas, and messages. The purpose of this writing is to share my experience in my pursuit of justice and realizing ideas concerned with truth, liberation, and the preservation of the species. Hoping the stories may create interest in low risk, easily implemented, revolutionary ideas.

I began 2017 in LA before returning to Milwaukee, where I remained from the end of January to the beginning of June, about 4 and a half months. After Milwaukee I traveled for about 2.5 months, chasing job opportunities for the most part. I went to Colorado Springs in June, after about a week I went to LA, before returning to Colorado Springs. There was a job opportunity in Detroit spawned from a gig I was working in Denver. The job in Detroit didn’t pan out so I stopped by a friend in Minneapolis, before returning to Colorado Springs. From Colorado Springs I went to Denver, to Florida, and returning to Denver where I am presently, but may leave before this book is published.

It is not written linearly, and when I tried to lineate it, it did not flow well. Instead of beginning in Milwaukee and ending in Denver, we begin near the end of Denver, to Florida, to Denver, Milwaukee, Colorado Springs, and we end after I leave Colorado Springs. Chronologically, it flows middle to the end, beginning to the middle.

The stories consist of struggle, sex, one physical altercation, various essays and commentary on subjects of an economic, political, and social nature. A candid chronicle of a year in my life, and a window into the mind of a man possessed of righteous purpose.

This is a year in the life of a revolutionist.

A Year in the Life of a Revolutionist is available on Amazon.

Review available on 10 April 2018.


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