TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Once Gone

Once Gone“Bill doubted that anything they’d found would do much good. The murderer was too purposeful, too methodical. This whole scene had been laid out with a certain sick style that set him on edge.” (Locations 186-188)

Brave, Riley thought. That was not how she would have described herself. Once, maybe, when she was an active agent. Would she ever describe herself that way again?”(Locations 446-447)

“More likely Riley was trying to get him to gain more insights into the killer’s mind, his way of looking at the world. If so, Bill figured she’d wind up disappointed. He simply did not have the mind that she did, or the talent to easily walk into killers’ minds.” (Locations 696-698)

“In her current frame of mind, she wouldn’t stop with one. Through all her troubles of the last six weeks, she’d managed not to let alcohol get the best of her. This was no time to lose control. She fixed herself a cup of hot mint tea instead.” (Locations 1013-1015)

“A seemingly random mix of dolls and people were seated in the leather-upholstered furniture of the ostentatious hotel lobby. The people—mostly women, but a few men—were drinking tea and coffee and chatting with one another. Dolls of sundry types, both male and female, sat among them like perfectly behaved children. Riley thought it looked like some bizarre kind of family reunion in which none of the children were real.”(Locations 1434-1437)

“Always immaculately groomed and wearing an expensive shirt with a vest, Nevins had a meticulous, fussy persona. Riley liked him all the more because of it. She found him refreshing.” (Locations 1947-1948)

“When she stepped out into the cool night air, tears finally started to flow. But she was surprised to realize that they were tears of relief, not despair. For the first time in days, she felt liberated, free from frustrating limitations.” (Locations 2311-2313)

“She dreaded funerals. To her, they were worse than arriving at a crime scene with a freshly murdered body. They always got inside her gut in some terrible way.” (Locations 2578-2579)

““So did you fall to pieces after that whole thing with the killer?” he asked.

Riley bristled at this.

“If you mean did I suffer from PTSD, yes, I did.”

“PTSD,” he repeated, chuckling cynically. “I can’t even remember just what those damn letters stand for. Just a fancy way of saying you’re weak, as far as I’m concerned. I never suffered from this PTSD thing, not after I got home from the war, not after all the stuff I saw and did and got done to me. Don’t see how anybody gets away with using that as an excuse.”” (Locations 2947-2951)

“On one side, an arched doorway opened into a dining room. Her sense of being in a past time grew even stronger. Sunlight streamed in through lace curtains hanging over the windows. A table and chairs were positioned perfectly, as if awaiting a family dinner. But like everything else, the dining room looked as though it hadn’t been used for a long time.” (Locations 3540-3542)

Full review available here.

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