Coming Soon: Book Review – Puzzle of Death

Puzzle of Death

From Amazon:

“People are dropping like flies. Who the hell’s murdering them?” asks Private Detective Jake Wayde. He realizes it’s now killed or be killed.

The plot of Puzzle of Death has more turns than a coiled rattlesnake. There’s a goodly dose of mean, murderous women among the diverse characters that add to the violence, blood, and pain.

After his death, Dr. Frederick Rhineman sets in motion a complex plot involving his twelve most hated people. They are pitted against each other to collect a prize of ten million dollars and a newly developed chemical formula that many nations would pay extreme amounts of money. Each of the people the Doctor has a grudge against receives a letter containing a puzzle piece. The person who collects Rhineman’s twelve hand-cut puzzle pieces with written clues attached is the winner. Or are they?

Puzzle of Death is available on Amazon.

Review available on 17 April 2018.


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