Book Review: Let it Snow – The Emancipation of Riley

Let It Snow

“When you came upon us in your room, you asked us what you meant to us. Let us show you.”

Let It Snow: A Christmas Ménage Short (Location 181)

The Plot

From Amazon: College freshman Riley Kendrick has always been attracted to Seth, a young man his parents adopted as a teen, and Seth’s wife, Carol; he’s convinced he’ll never have either of them. But when he catches them being intimate in his bed with only two weeks before Christmas, his lonely world is rapidly turned upside down.

Writing Style

From the first word, this story just came to life and flowed freely. I was immediately sucked into it. I also like that there was no useless, pointless narrative about the characters. This is erotica, so let’s get to the erotica, and that is exactly what Ms Harrington gave us. And yet, without the story feeling shallow and basic. These characters obviously care for each other very deeply, this isn’t a one-night-stand. It takes a skillful writer to get all that information and sentiment into the narrative with such a finite number of words to do it in.

With a ménage sexual encounter, third person is almost always a sure-fire winner. In this case, the author made the right call and stuck to a third person narrative, even though the focus was primarily on Riley. This helped to avoid alienating either of the other protagonists, which often happens in M/M/F erotica. The focus is put almost solely on the M/M or M/F and one poor soul is left on the the edge of the bed, playing cheerleader to the two getting to have all the fun.

“Carol was even more beautiful without her clothes than Riley had imagined, and he’d been imagining her body since the day his adoptive brother Seth had first brought her home years ago.” (Locations 39-40)

“Riley was hesitant, but found it difficult to argue when they began kissing and touching him. Seth’s lips found his neck, and Carol’s pressed against the back of his hand. Seth slid a hand up Riley’s shirt and traced a circle around one of his nipples, murmuring a soft sigh against Riley’s skin.” (Locations 183-185)

 “Riley whimpered, lifting his hips to give his brother better access, eyes tightly shut. The bed cracked against the wall with every one of Seth’s thrusts, and the storm was howling outside, and the room was drafty and dark, but all Riley could focus on was Seth’s cock, the way it slid into his body…” (Locations 447-449)

I like that Riley, as the focal character, was not a woman. The women in erotic threeways are almost always the untouched, skittish, virgin types. Riley’s lack of confidence and shyness made him more endearing, which in turn had me rooting for him to actually get laid.

The Review

This story is well written, well edited and easy to read. I had fun and enjoyed the erotica. Step-siblings/adoptive siblings aren’t usually my thing but I under than why people enjoy this particular sub-genre. The sex was hot, the dialogue didn’t go on and on needlessly, which can be pretty common in erotica generally, but at no point did any of the sex or characters come across as crass or crude. And I liked that.

That said, I am so tired and over the “snowed in” trope. This is such an overused narrative vehicle. Maybe it’s because I live in a country that never gets snow, and thus just don’t fully understand the appeal or romanticism in the scenario. Or maybe because I’m over 30 and think that being direct is the best way, instead of waiting for a contrived situation to let someone know that you are interested/in love with/in lust with them. This didn’t impact on how much I enjoyed the narrative but it is a general issue I have with erotica and romance novels.

The other thing that kinda irritated me is that this is installment one of I don’t know how many. There have been quite a few erotic short stories and novellas that I have read over the years that should have been full length stories. This is one of them, and I really hate that the reader has to keep purchasing installments to get more of the story. Just write a full length novel and charge a little more! I don’t have an issue with authors creating entire worlds and each character having a standalone novel but when I am forced to by 3-5 additional short stories about the same character and their story, I get annoyed and often don’t bother.

I would honestly recommend this to bi erotica newbies (i.e. Bisexual persons who are trying to get into erotica as a genre). I was there too once, and sometimes you’re unsure of yourself, and your feelings when you’re always told that you can only like male or female, not both and certainly not at the same time. There is no judgement in this story and no labels, other than the sibling thing. Definitely worth a read.

My rating: 4/5

Let It Snow is available from Amazon

This review was requested by the author.

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