Coming Soon: Book Review – Literature®

Literature (r).jpg

From the Press Release:

Billy is a bookworm himself, and that’s a problem – in his world, fiction is banned. Reading it is illegal. Disseminating it is terrorism.

Why? Because people need to get to work. The new Cognition® drives require fuel. Fiction is that fuel so it must be controlled. There are book burnings, detention centers, executions.

And road surfacing: the shady organisation building the new specialised infrastructure must also eliminate Gilgamesh, an underground movement circulating illicit books that don’t conform to strict Cog® drive criteria. Eliminating the movement means eliminating its members and, since he got caught up with his ex-girlfriend’s kid brother, that includes Billy.

Literature® speaks to the industrialisation of art, and also to the link between alienation and radicalisation in consumerist societies.

Mainly though, it speaks to our need for great stories, by providing one. The conceptual is never allowed to overpower the human. This is a love story. There is heart here, and heartache. And, crucially, a killer chase scene.

Literature® will be released on 1 July 2018.

Review available 10 July 2018.


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