Coming Soon: Book Review – Rock on, with a Bullet!

Rock on with a Bullet.jpgFrom Amazon:

From soldier, to rock star, to spy!
When Michael Doherty finished school, he had two career choices, join the army and apply for the SAS, or try and make his rock band, The Pagan Gods, successful. He felt it was more realistic to join the SAS, so he did. While he was in the SAS his closest friends nagged him to restart the band. By the end of his first term of service in the SAS, he decided to give the rock band a try and became Mickey Deity. Within the first year of restarting the band, they hit it big! What the other members didn’t know was, MI6 had decided to force Mickey Deity to work for them as a deep-cover asset, and make him kill terrorists for them.

Rock on, with a Bullet! is available from Amazon.

Review available on 14 July 2018.



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