Book Review: 3 Hour Dad – Babashook

3 Hour Dad

“My Dad caused utter confusion when he rang his own Dad at first light. My Grandpa thought at first it was his hearing aids playing up and after making several adjustments, he handed the phone over to his carers who after repeatedly checking confirmed in disbelief that what my Dad was saying was correct! He wasn’t going to be a great Grandpa; he was a great Grandpa!”

3 Hour Dad (Locations 292-295)

The Plot

From Amazon: What would you do if you were suddenly told you were going to be a mum or dad without any notice? How would you react? What thoughts would go through your head? You haven’t prepared to be a parent, you’ve not made any arrangements and nobody in your family is aware.

Now imagine that not even the mum-to-be knew that she had been hiding a little person inside her tummy the entire time.

One day Adam, just your average, typical guy receives a call from his mother-in-law (to be!) summoning him to the hospital following his girlfriend being rushed in with suspected appendicitis only to discover that she is in fact having contractions and has been admitted to the labour ward.

This heart-warming and true story invites readers to step into Adam’s shoes and experience what it is like to be a 3 Hour Dad.

Writing Style

This is a short, sweet and very conversational story. I enjoyed the narrative, and the informal nature of the writing made it feel like I was sitting around with a group of friends listening to one of then retelling the story with re-enactments, sound effects, moments of wonder, disbelief and awe. There were a few grammatical errors but again, this is conversational, thus those errors actually add character to, rather than detracting from, the story.

“Oh no this is bad. I slid the icon to answer on the pick-up screen and pressed the phone to my ear. “Hello? Adam; are you sitting down?” she asked. “I have some news that is going to require you to listen and remain calm”.” (Locations 63-65)

“It was at this point that my Mum grabbed my head and forced me to experience the “natural birth” that was taking place right in front of us! I had seen my girlfriend up close and personal many times before but it had absolutely and never should look like that!” (Locations 253-255)

“We didn’t have a name for her; we didn’t have a nursery room for her, she was very much our UCO (unidentified crying object!)” (Location 283)


The Review

This was fun and quick to read. Though only a few pages long, I found myself smiling, and even laughing, at time. The author has a knack for story-telling. I think he needs to work on his grammatical writing a little but otherwise, the informal structure works well for this type of retelling.

I was initially intrigued by this because I couldn’t understand how someone couldn’t know that they were pregnant. Women’s bodies undergo some unmissable changes (and I’m not taking about “looking pregnant”) when there is a viable fetus. Did she have her period at all during this time? Were her breasts tender while her body prepared to birth? I have so many questions. Alas, I still have those questions.

The story revolves around the labour, birth and aftermath of said birth. I think the big difference between this birth and others is that most parents have time to prepare, financially, materially, emotionally. Adam and Lyndsay didn’t have that. It was a literal representation of zero to a hundred, real quick. There are no real details about the surprise pregnancy, if that’s what you are wanting to know more about. There was very little in the book regarding the medical explanations for the pregnancy as well. That said, it was  a fun read and I wish this little surprise family well on their journey ahead.

My rating: 4/5

3 Hour Dad is available on Amazon and Amazon UK.

This review was requested by the author.

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