Book Review: Daddy Monster – Confusion and Adverbs

Daddy Monster

“Many times has he been targeted by the men and women he wished he could call friends, but hold no place in his heart as nothing more than coworkers. People who he is forced to spend eight hours of his day, five days of his agonizing week, pretending not to despise.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Whippoorwill

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Coming Soon: Book Review – The Anarchist Thing to Do

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Book Review: Circumstantial Enemy – My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

The Circumstantial Enemy

“Though his mouth was empty, Tony swallowed. Then he dabbed his lips with his napkin. Goran was right: she was beautiful, but so bitter. Tony reversed the linen’s fold, returned it to his lap, and turned his head toward Katarina.”

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Guest Book Review: Grimweave – A Tale of Misplaced Modifiers

Grim Weave

“The sight of atrocities and mayhem so vile the human brain could not hope, nor dare, to fathom. The atmosphere was physically suffocating, humid, rank, fetid, and spiritually noxious. It hung over the team like a wormy shroud, draped over them, filling their hearts with a foul black sap and their souls with something putrid.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – The Outcast Son

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Puzzle of Death

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