Submission Guidelines


If you would like me to review your literary offering, please send an e-mail to

Your e-mail should include a blurb of the work you wish me to review, and a note of the preferred format of the book/short story/graphic novel/etc. you would like to send to me (e.g. PDF, Kindle Format, hard copy, etc.). With those details out of the way, and if I agree to review your work, it will take approximately 4 weeks to have a review written and published on this blog.

This may seem like a long time but bear in mind that I usually read every reviewed item twice (once for plot and a second for technical skill). For longer works, 4 weeks is definitely required. Further, I am not a full-time reviewer. I do this for my personal love of literature and thus, have a day job.

After 4 weeks with your literary offering, I can guarantee that my review will be honest and fair. No subject is taboo, so if you feel that your idea might not be accepted by mainstream readers, please do feel free to send it to me for review. I am always interested in alternative narratives and new takes on old ideas.

Important to note: I do not accept payment for reviews, nor do I exchange reviews for social media recognition/mentions.