Coming Soon: Book Review – Green River Blend

Green River BlendFrom Amazon:

Nothing exciting ever happens in a small town…

Especially in the sleepy Florida beachside stretch known as Hammond Beach, nestled between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. Free from corporate businesses and a slew of tourists descending upon the quaint former fishing village, Hammond Beach is like a painting.

Locals run the businesses on Main Street. Even when a new coffee shop opens, the owner hires only Hammond Beach locals, including manager Betty. She’s born and raised in Hammond Beach and knows everyone.

But when the latest and greatest coffee is put out, Green River Blend, strange things begin to happen to the residents of Hammond Beach…

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Harvest of Sin

Harvest of Sin

From Amazon: Derek had the women of Anna’s little Amish community tripping over their apron strings every time he walked by. He was deliciously hot, and Anna was the one he wanted. Dark, handsome, with bulging muscles, Anna wanted him just as bad. Continue reading

Book Review: Elusive Bride – Unintentional Speed Reading

Elusive Bride.jpg

“Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life…. but,” her voice trailed off to little more than a whisper, “but, so far it’s been the worst.”

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Book Review: Once Gone (A Riley Paige Mystery–Book 1) – Put the lotion in the basket!

Once Gone


This was one of those “you might like” Amazon suggestions, and how right they were! I have never heard of Blake Pierce and I see no other publications from him on his Amazon page, but I can absolutely say that I am waiting, with bated breath, for the second installment of this series. Continue reading