Book Review: Conversations with Superheroes – Marvel vs DC

Conversations With Superheroes

“Before the sun and the moon, before Venus and Jupiter, before animal and human alike walked the land, there was Lifia and Deatri—or, as we know them now, Life and Death.”

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Book Review: Let it Snow – The Emancipation of Riley

Let It Snow

“When you came upon us in your room, you asked us what you meant to us. Let us show you.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Vic Boyo, Doofus Detective

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Book Review: Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel – Jinni in Bottle


“I said it wasn’t your father who attacked you. He was possessed by an ifrit.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review: Gables Court

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Coming Soon: Book Review – On the Canvas of my Soul

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Book Review: Daddy Monster – Confusion and Adverbs

Daddy Monster

“Many times has he been targeted by the men and women he wished he could call friends, but hold no place in his heart as nothing more than coworkers. People who he is forced to spend eight hours of his day, five days of his agonizing week, pretending not to despise.”

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