Book Review: My Day – The Simple Life (Biker, Billionaire, Lesbian, Vampire, Tentacle Erotic Comedy Short Story)

"You're just like the others. You think I'm lying and have a sick desire to see how far I'll go" - Delusional, My Day (P. 1) The Plot Exactly as the title says, it is a day in the life of the unnamed protagonist. For the purposes of this review I will refer to her... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Rosemary’s Gravy – The Proof is in the Tasting

I think Amazon recommend this book because of my slight obsession with Jana Deleon's Miss Fortune Mystery series, and am I ever happy they did. The blurb made the book sound a bit mickey mouse but I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. It won't be winning a Pulitzer any time soon but it... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Dirty Parts of the Bible – A True Coming of Age Story

Every now and then, the literary world is blessed with a novel so great that the community simply wants to sit and weep while we forget about all the drivel that came before it. The Dirty Parts of the Bible is exactly one of those. It was a recommended must read by Amazon so I took... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Louisiana Longshot – A Miss Fortune Mystery

Let me start by saying that I have never been to the South but it's definitely on my list of destinations. I have met quite a few individuals from Georgia, Mississippi and New Orleans, and this has re-enforced my need visit the South. There is something endearing about the drawl of the accent and the... Continue Reading →

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