Book Review: Night And Day – He’s just a farm boy, from a farm family!


“She looked back to see Riley flip onto his back and begin open-mouth snoring, his hands still curled as if waiting for her breasts to fall within their reach again. What was she still doing here? Riley was infamous for kicking his dates out in the early morning before his mother woke up.”

Night And Day (Locations 202-204) Continue reading


The billionaire, rancher, badboy, with a soft side because he was in the military and saw some shit but also needs fixing, from Montana

That title alone should tell you exactly what is wrong with romance novels today. The main reason I started this blog was to review the literary abomination that is 50 Shades of Grey. The result was me reading scores of equally shitty romance novels that were self-published or by breakout authors. For the most part, these books are mundane but occasionally, you find a gem that’s worth reading. This post is not about those finds. Continue reading