Book Review: Prison Gangs Pumped Me Full in the Infirmary – Prison Break Edition

Prison Gangs Pumped Me Full

I like a romance/erotica story with a good literary alpha male. Someone who can take charge and lead me into temptation. Freudian psychologists, if they still exist in this day and age, might have a lot to say about that but at the end of the day, the trope exists for a reason. Not one to turn my nose up at other people’s fetishes and turn ons, I decided to give this pamphlet a spin.

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Book Review: Crystal Cabbage: Meth Whore – Blonde, Buxom, Bodacious & Broken AF

Crystal Cabbage

This was yet another fan request. Actually this came from my BFF James, who is a cruel, sadistic man with a twisted sense of humour. Once he realised that I was taking requests, he took it upon himself to find the most awful book in existence. James, if you’re reading this… I hate you with the fury of a thousand soggy koalas. Continue reading