Book Review: Hubby to Hussy: Pegging My Cross-dressing Husband – Adverbs! How do they work?!

Hubby to Hussy.jpg

“Luckily, he was already so lithe and feminine in stature…”

Hubby to Hussy: Pegging my Cross-dressing Husband (Locations 118-119)

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Book Review: My Futanari Stepsister – Real women have a lot more than curves


“He’s also finding it hard to breath with a mouthful of penis. Women are complicated!”

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Book Review: Roommates – Just between us girl friends


The literary gods clearly smile down upon me. James had requested that I review more futa books and short-stories but I was having a hard time finding ones that sound even vaguely intriguing. This one kinda fell into my lap, as I was asked to review it. Buckle up boys and girls, and boy-girls, and girl-boys. Continue reading


Book Review: Gift of the Futanari Goddess Pt 1 – There’s a Tranny Chaser Up in Here

Gift of the Futanari Goddess Cover.jpg

“I ain’t got no time for no lookyloo, boo.”

– RuPaul, Tranny Chaser

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