Book Review: Hubby to Hussy: Pegging My Cross-dressing Husband – Adverbs! How do they work?!

"Luckily, he was already so lithe and feminine in stature..." - Hubby to Hussy: Pegging my Cross-dressing Husband (Locations 118-119) The Plot From Amazon: It's time for my girly husband to fulfill my most forbidden fantasy... Lane has been the perfect submissive husband, and I've spent the past year fulfilling his fantasy of watching me... Continue Reading →

Book Review: My Futanari Stepsister – Real women have a lot more than curves

"He’s also finding it hard to breath with a mouthful of penis. Women are complicated!" - My Futanari Stepsister, Location 426 The Plot Daniel is a stereotypical, nerdy, eighteen year old, reclusive, virgin, Asian, gamer. And he is stuck at home with his strangely cruel stepsister and her four hot college friends. Daniel is in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Roommates – Just between us girl friends

The literary gods clearly smile down upon me. James had requested that I review more futa books and short-stories but I was having a hard time finding ones that sound even vaguely intriguing. This one kinda fell into my lap, as I was asked to review it. Buckle up boys and girls, and boy-girls, and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Gift of the Futanari Goddess Pt 1 – There’s a Tranny Chaser Up in Here

"I ain't got no time for no lookyloo, boo." - RuPaul, Tranny Chaser The Plot Darlene is on a school field trip to a museum, which is meant to be teaching her about aboriginal art, but she wanders away from the group and happens upon a beautiful, albeit odd, statue of what can only be... Continue Reading →

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