Game Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – Our old new future

Release Date: 2017 Developer(s): Guerilla Games Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment Platforms: PS4 (Exclusive) When I saw the very first trailer for this third person action RPG, while watching Sony's E3 presentation in 2015, I was simultaneously intrigued and skeptical. The game looked sleek and fluid, if the trailer was to be believed, and the graphics were... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Tomb Raider – The Definitive Rounded Boobs Edition

Release Date: 2013 Developer(s): Crystal Dynamics Publisher(s): Square Enix Platforms: Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One (the temptation to write Xbone is strong but I will not surrender!) Though a 2013 release, I only bought and played this game earlier this year. I had a slight backlog, don't judge me! Added to this is... Continue Reading →

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